trust your touch: CoppaFeel! challenge

In just FIVE DAYS *hyperventilates* I’m going to be trekking across the desert in Oman for the incredible breast cancer awareness charity  *drum roll please* CoppaFeel! founded by the boob queen herself, Kris Hallenga!

CoppaFeel! work to spread the message of self checking and self diagnosing in the form of many campaigns, their latest being ‘Trust Your Touch.‘ They hope that if women (and men) know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, and check their boobs/pecs regularly, they’ll be able to notice any changes early and deal with them before it’s too late. 9/10 people who are diagnosed with breast cancer at an early stage survive. What a wonderful thought! CoppaFeel! work tirelessly to ensure the boob love message is spread all over the country in as many fun and hilarious ways as possible. Young people are just as likely to get breast cancer as older people. No matter what age, we all need to know what we can do to help prevent the disease, and CoppaFeel! equip people with the tools to do just that!

So that’s why I’m trekking miles across a desert in ridiculous heat, with a bunch of other crazy people, to raise much needed money and awareness for them! From the 4th – 10th November I will be completely immersed in the heat, doing my bit to increase the awareness of the wonderful charity.

It’s been a long time coming, and we’ve all been preparing for the challenge for aaaages!! But now it’s literally just around the corner… I’m pooing my pants!

I’ll be posting a blog when I come back from the trek with some more details about what we got up to, along with some photos, but just thought I’d let you all in on what I’m going to be doing and explain the silence as I ditch the laptop and phone for walking boots and suncream!

If anyone would like to donate to the wonderful charity, you can check out my fundraising page here! Oh… and go and cop a feel of your boobies and spread the word!

love sophie




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