crispy leaves and fruity teas

There’s nothing quite like the sound of a leather sole against crunching, tangerine leaves. Or a huge mug of granny’s garden tea paired with windswept hair and a good book. This year, Autumn has come around way too quickly for my liking (and will no doubt vanish before I manage to catch up with it!) I have landed – all be it a bit late – in classic Sophie style: oversized mustard knits, button-down skirts and brown leather boots.

So, what is it about autumn that I find so inspiring?

  1. Writing wonderful words

Whether it’s a cold night in with candles, or a sunny day with misty grass, there is always a form of beauty in the nature of autumn time. And it always helps me feel inspired to write. I can sit down with a cuppa and blast out a few pages, all because I’m surrounded by such beautiful things. Summer is too hot, winter is too cold and spring is when you get caught in the rain because you set off in glorious sunshine and the heavens decide to open. And you forgot your raincoat. Autumn is the perfect setting to write within.

  1. Comfortable creativity

We don’t always want to do our work and be adults (or at least I don’t) so when motivation is lacking, I always find it helps to be comfortable. And autumn fashion allows that. Chunky knits? Check. Woolly tights? Check. A funky bobble hat which makes my head look like the moon? Check. If I’m not sat wrapped in a blanket, or sipping a cup of tea, I’ll spend half the day procrastinating by making myself comfortable.

  1. Atmospheric aesthetic

Get the candles on and wrap yourself up in a duvet (you wouldn’t find me saying that in June, would you?) That’s the joy of autumn. It’s okay to spend the day in your duvet, working from bed. And I actually find I get more stuff done. The aromas from the candles and the comfort of being inside whilst watching the world out of the window does wonders to my schedule. I find sorting things out (especially very adulty things, like car tax) to be the most frustrating thing ever. But with a backdrop of autumn I feel relaxed before I begin and the whole thing goes a lot smoother that I imagine. In summer I’d just be too hot and uncomfortable, and in winter I’d only be able to pull one hand from out of the duvet at a time. I don’t want frostbite, do I?

  1. Basking in Beauty

Everywhere I look in autumn leads me to something beautiful. Whether it be the dewy grass, the marmalade skies, or the view from the inside out. I always find myself appreciating the little treats nature offers and I can’t help but love it. And feel inspired. I look at the grass and I imagine the world below it and the nature that lives in it. I see the sunset and I remember lots of memories I have and just want to revel in them. I look out the window and try to imagine how my character would see the world. Would they see autumn like I do?

5. Fruity tea

What better excuse (not that I need one) to try a variety of fruity teas to match those cosy autumn days. Granny’s Garden, Peach Oolong, or a simple Rooibos are my favourites. And I love the injection of cinnamon and spices as the wintry nights get closer. Tea is a great way of taking care of yourself. Feeling down? Get cosy with a brew. Struggling to work? Take a tea break, even if it just means taking five minutes out of the day for yourself. I love looking out of my french doors onto the world from inside the comfort of my room, sipping on tea. It makes the nights seem warmer and the days seem brighter.

6. Sensory soundtrack

There’s nothing quite like blasting classic songs from your tin can of a car as you’re driving down a country lane, surrounded by fields of dewy crops. That’s the beauty of autumn. I could get in the car and drive for miles, especially at sunset times when the sun hangs low and reflects off the windscreen. It’s as if someone has come along and filtered the world autumn, and it is just the most beautiful thing. You can smell the grass, you can see the sun, and you can feel the cold, yet you’re comfortable. And it’s my favourite.

What’s your favourite season? Is it autumn too? Let me know!

love sophie


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