a letter from: belgium

Five weeks of my June/July were spent in Belgium this year, teaching and supporting children who were learning English as a second language.

Other than a good couple of books, my lightweight camera, and a light backing track on my phone, I didn’t take much with me.

I was so excited to be so isolated from the world again. It does wonders to just take some time out to be away from it all. Whatever ‘it all’ actually means.

A quiet walk alone around the winding path of the forest, or an evening playing cards with beer around the bonfire are great ways of feeling comfortable and just at ease (after hours, of course.)

As well as countless evenings spent playing beach volleyball under marmalade skies, I got to see the world. I travelled Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, France and Germany. My French improved and I got to speak it (questionably) to people who had patience and replied. I might have been working, but I gained a lot more than just a paycheck.

I met the three men in the picture, who I now call friends.

The moment I captured is at the very beginning of the five weeks, prior to a tonne of embarrassing moments, drunken laughs and wild (unforgiving) bonfire conversations.

We didn’t know at the time how well we would get on and how much laughter we would encourage in one another.

I like the thought of that.

love sophie

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