lactose free loves: Neal’s Yard Remedies

As a twenty one year old student, the answer to ‘what did you do last night?’ is obviously went to a Neal’s Yard Party, right?

Well, it definitely wasn’t what my mum expected me to say when I told her (even though the prosecco and G&Ts were in full flow.)

I was sat at home, revelling in my accomplishment of making teriyaki salmon with one hand – a wild Friday night, I know – when I got a text from my lovely friend Meg, inviting me to hers for a Neal’s Yard Party.

How could I resist? I popped my coat on and walked down to hers where I was greeted by the wonderful Caroline from Neal’s Yard, who told a small group of us about the business and products on offer.

Don’t get me wrong, I have heard of Neal’s Yard before; their Melissa Hand Cream has been a staple by our kitchen sink, and the Bee Lovely range is blooming gorgeous. But, I’d never been to one of their home events. And it was really lovely.

Caroline firstly talked to us about the ethics of the business. Did you know they were the world’s first health and beauty company to be awarded 100/100 for ethics? This means that as well as being eco friendly in their factories, they don’t test on animals and are Fairtrade. This includes their gorgeous natural and organic ingredients, as well as their packaging which is recyclable and from sustainably managed sources.

Now, although I’m not a vegan, I value companies that have strong ethics and think it is incredibly important. If one company can be 100% ethical, it makes me wonder why other companies can’t be. For a little bit more money you are receiving better products which are made with a lot more love. Sounds good to me!

After a brief introduction to the company, Caroline began explaining what her usual daily routine was for her face.

Now, I’m not one to shy away from saying I don’t do much with my face (and I’m probably not the only one.) I don’t usually have time. But Caroline showed us a simple routine that would take no more than a few minutes which left the skin looking fresh and smelling amazing.  I could really tell that the products she used were a good quality.

She started by prepping the skin with a refining moisturiser which she massaged in. She followed this with a Rejuvenating Cleanser which she sprayed onto cotton pads and gently circled around the face and neck. Whilst she was explaining the facial, she let us test lots of the facial serums and facial mists, as well as bringing out the beautiful Frankincense Toner which naturally works to tighten up the skin. She followed this with some gorgeous Orange Flower Facial Oil which smelt lovely. And then she finished by using a White Tea Toning Eye Gel which was a crowd favourite. The white tea is a natural antioxidant and research has found it naturally reduces wrinkles without any harmful chemicals found in most cosmetics.

She taught us that when going close to the globe of the eye, you should never rub in the creams or serums, but instead you should gently pat around the lower eyelid, keeping away from the socket as it can do more harm than good.

The skin around our eyes is very delicate so being rough with it and rubbing it too much can cause extra fine lines. You can find their organic eye make up remover here which gets through even the plastic mascaras.

It was really interesting to hear about the company and get a taste for a wider selection of their products.

She raved about the Wild Rose Beauty Balm which is something you can pop on in the shower and soak off with a flannel as you come out, as well as the Beauty Sleep Concentrate which is good for new mums or people who struggle to wake up feeling rejuvenated.

If you’re interested in ethical remedies and products, have a look at Caroline’s website. There are lots of gift ideas there too, and lots of minis so you can have a try before you buy big.

I’ve added a *few bits to my Christmas list…


loce sophur


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