soundtrack series: november

Along with my classic playlists (those ones you can rely on for awkward car journeys or as background music for a cuppa with someone you don’t really know) I’ve ventured out this month.

I’ve listened to quite a varied selection. With prep going on for the my trek, and the trek itself, I’ve been listening to a lot of upbeat and motivational songs. One of my fellow trekkers compiled a playlist for us all to listen to and I’ve been doing exactly that!

I’ve also just begun planning a big exciting Irish adventure for 2019 with my friend, Meg, which has meant listening to lots of Irish music to get me in the mood. (We had a good dance around the kitchen as a break from logistics.)

So here’s my top five picks for November. I’m not feeling as Christmassy as I’d like at the moment so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait till next month for a special Christmas edition (It’s a good one.)

  1. The Dubliners

I mean, come on. Is there any better band to listen to whilst planning an Irish adventure? I’m absolutely in love with all of their songs but there are a couple which can (do) end up on repeat. I also think they’re a bit of a toe tapper (or a full blown jig if you’re me and Meg.)

If you haven’t heard of them, I’d recommend listening to The Irish Rover (what a classic!) as well as Seven Drunken Nights (which is hilarious!!) I’ll Tell Me Ma is also a good one, but with only one arm I couldn’t dance to it properly so that’ll be one for when I finish physio!

2.  Keira Knightley

Before I went to Oman, I watched Begin Again (for the millionth time) after discovering it in summer. I absolutely love the film, and the soundtrack, with a lot of love for Lost Stars, and Like A Fool.

(The whole soundtrack and film are worth a listen/watch!) I’m a fan of Lost Stars when I’m writing or driving and need to concentrate a bit.

3. Heather Small 

Proud has been a common choice for backing tracks to the videos people have been making of our trek. It’s a lovely song, and very motivational. It is a hit with me, and a belter.

Great for those solo car journeys when you know (hope) no one is listening!

4. Dido

Whilst travelling to the airport, home from the airport, and everywhere in between, I listened to a lot of Dido. She’s a good one to listen to if you’re in need of a chill. I sang Sand In My Shoes as we were joking about having the desert dust in our socks and boots for weeks. And that was on the middle of a mountain.

I also love White Flag, one of my absolute favourite Dido bangers. And Life For Rent. They’re great to listen to when you need to concentrate too, and I often have them on in the background when I’m writing.

5. The Foo Fighters

When we got to the top of Jebel Qihwi in Oman, the final summit, we arrived to Learn To Fly, one of my favourite Foo Fighter songs, being blasted from one of the cars. We also listened to Everlong, amongst others, as we welcomed everyone to the top.

It was such a special moment and one that I’ll forever associate with The Foo Fighters, and I’ll always remember it when I hear their songs on the radio. How incredible.


That’s a wrap on Novembers soundtrack, but I’ll be back in December with my top five Christmas songs.

Happy Listening, let me know your thoughts!

loce sophur


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