it’s good to be home

It’s only been two weeks since heading back to Bath after Christmas, but being in what felt like solitary confinement for that long was turning me insane (slight exaggeration, it wasn’t that bad.) I’ve been trying to utilise the free time to myself and finish off my work, but the temptation to binge watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. on Netflix is just too big. And as much as I’ve tried to finish deadlines, and write more of my novel, I always find it’s on in the background (even when I do manage to make some headway!)

It was lucky that I was actually heading up to Leeds for some appointments, and I absolutely loved going home. (I didn’t get much done but how can you when those ‘you’re home’ treats are on the menu?)

I was back for hospital appointments on the Friday so Mum picked me up on the Thursday (legend) and we roadtripped back up following the scenic route. Anyone who knows me will know I absolutely hate motorways and would rather get there three hours later going the ‘pretty way around’ and avoiding all the traffic.

I had a busy weekend actually, from walking around the grounds at Harewood on Saturday morning (if you live in Leeds and haven’t been, go! The Harewood Arms do great pub grub for a post walk treat too, with Ve/GF/V options available which I was surprised by, and you can feed the penguins – what’s more to love!), to having giggles with the twins who came on Monday (babies are the best antidepressant in the world! Fact!)

In between hospital visits, long walks, and babies, there was lots of chocolate munching (thanks Em!) and binge watching property programmes on the TV (Mum and I love a good restoration.) I always enjoy going home because I write it off as a bit of a jolly. Even if I plan to do loads of things (which, let’s face it, I don’t) I always end up just sitting back with a cuppa, being harassed with constant offers of cake and asked if I want to do this or that (and isn’t that just the best.) I also love being home for the kitchen cupboards. There’s nothing more satisfying than looking in the cupboards and seeing everything you could ever dream of making or eating. I definitely don’t have that luxury at uni.

I’m also probably not the only one who absolutely loves the first couple of days of being home, and then just wants to leave. I always miss the independence of being away from home (especially if I’m having to share the attention with siblings who just so happen to be home for the same weekend… typical!)

I’m really weird in that I also enjoy just driving around. If Mum’s going to the shops, I’ll go just for the ride. I find being in the car really enjoyable, although I often get travel sick on long drives, and I always imagine I’m in a soppy film when it’s raining and a sad song comes on the radio.

I’m looking forward to going back to the tub, but it’s been nice to have some time back at home with my family, who have returned from down under. Getting home cooked grub and mugs of tea on demand is never a bad thing!

What do you like most about being home?

love sophie


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