a letter from: dublin

I spent the last weekend of February in Dublin with some friends. I have a huge crush on the rolling green hills of Ireland (and the Guinness) and I enjoyed being in the city for a change.

We did lots of initial exploring, with us all arriving at different times, and from different places, Meg and I (who arrived first) decided to find the accommodation and put our bags down before the others arrived.

The flight was grand, everything was going well, we managed to get the right bus to the centre of Dublin, and we had screenshots and an address of the accommodation. Very organised.

We headed out of the centre to the flat, using Meg’s phone as map, towards the rugby stadium which wasn’t far from where we were staying.

As we were walking along we were both in awe of the stunning Georgian terraces which lined the streets, four or five storeys high and absolutely gorgeous. There were several comments exchanged about how cool it would be to live here, and how soon we could get a job in a bar with live music. This continued for most of the weekend.

When we arrived at the supposed flat, we couldn’t find it. It had every number, every address but ours. But the map said we were in the right place. We spotted a pub across the road and made ourselves at home inside, the locals being super helpful and letting us borrow chargers, and their phones to try and find the flat. They were even looking themselves, and asking each other around the pub if anyone knew where it was. They were so warm, and welcoming – the classic Irish – and Meg and I were both grateful!

We set back on the flat hunt (after having a pint of Guinness whilst the phone charged) and were embarrassed to find it, quite easily, exactly where we’d been looking for about twenty minutes. Great start!

Dublin itself is busy, jam packed with buskers, travellers, back packers, tourists, families and young people. It is a city that has something for everyone, and the twinkly lights on Grafton Street reminded me in part of London, but the Irish charm gave Dublin the edge.

Once the others arrived (with ease) we talked over what we would do for the weekend, as well as headed over to the pub, so they could witness Dublin in full glory.

Over the course of the weekend we headed out to various pubs, bars, and restaurants, making a name for ourselves in Temple Bar.

The main reason for our visit was the Ireland vs Wales Six Nations match on the Saturday. Arriving on a Thursday meant we had loads of time to fit things in beforehand.

We scouted out the Guinness Factory (a must whilst in Dublin – I would recommend heading up to the top bar for a pint to watch the sunset – we did it by accident and it was ace!), as well as Cathedrals and shops.

With the Factory, I’d leave more time than you think. We walked from the flat into the centre and then went to the Factory after seeing some of the centre. Altogether we were in the factory for about four hours – it’s really interesting and interactive and you get to see all sides of Guinness as well as learn to pour a pint yourself.

The Temple Bar area was where we spent most of the evenings, or in the pub by the flat, if not the flat itself.

The Ha’penny Bridge is also a must see, and once you see it you’ll see why. It’s tiny, and in amongst lots of other bridges, but if you research into it, it’s actually really interesting.

We also found a Keats monument in the square near the flat which was well worth a look. People had attached lots of quotes and letters to it and I found it really interesting to read them, and see what people had written.

On a previous trip, I also visited Dublin Zoo, The National Museum of Ireland, and a Leinster vs Ulster match at the Ricoh arena.

These are also places I’d recommend to anyone going. It’s mainly all within walking distance, and easy to locate with a map of the city.

The live music in the bars on an evening is just amazing, and something I wish we had more of at home. Jigging around the dance floor and singing along to Irish classics at the top of our lungs became commonplace.

When the time came to leave on the Sunday, after watching Ireland beat Wales on the Saturday, we were all in high spirits and didn’t want to go.

I have no doubt I’ll be back again. It’s one of those places you can go many times as there’s so much to see and do.

Where have you been recently that you’d recommend?

love sophie

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