soundtrack series: february

February has hit and the cold weather has eased for the first time in a while (the rain is yet to follow suit). I’m back into my uni routine (write, write, and oh yeah, write) and the dark nights are slowly opening out. I’ve been listening to mainly chart music this month, if any music, and am quite impressed for once that it isn’t all totally unpalatable. Here are my favourites…


1. James Bay – Wild Love

I love James Bay, he’s one of those musicians you can listen to in any mood, but this song is something else. From the atmospheric opening bars, to his tech-y voice, I was transfixed. A bit different from his usual slow burners, too. So something to try if you’re into a more tech sound. Definitely one for when you’re winding down in blankets with a brew, and the rain is hammering down outside.

2. Rudamental feat. Jess Glynne, Macklemore & Dan Caplen – These Days

Potentially my favourite song of the year so far, These Days is a nostalgic trip down memory lane. It’s lyrics are fab, as are the layers of voices on the track. Jess Glynne isn’t usually one of my favourites, but I liked how she sounded in this. It’s catchy, and upbeat and I was singing it most days after I first heard it. The chorus is definitely to be belted if you’re riding solo! (or if your passenger is a fan too.)

3. 5 Seconds Of Summer – Want You Back

From melodic opening bars to raving lyrics, I was pleasantly surprised by this song. Not a fan of the language (I’m a bit funny when it comes to f-ing and blinding in songs) but it was catchy and I picked up the lyrics quickly.

4. Harry Styles – Sign Of The Times

One of the most unexpected good eggs of the year. I didn’t expect his music to be so different from the stuff he produced with One Direction, but I thought the EP was super. I’m not a huge One Direction lover, so was glad it was different, and he absolutely owned his new style.

5. Taylor Swift – Fearless

The final installation in the February series is one of my teenage indulgences. Back from my past, it’s the original albums from Taylor Swift that have been ringing through my ears. Fearless and Fifteen are two of my favourite songs, and I can be anywhere, doing anything, and they’ll just fit in the background. I prefer her old songs to her newer, pop songs any day.


What songs have you had on repeat this week? Let me know!

love sophie


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