soundtrack series: march

After finally handing in my big deadline at the end of February, I’ve finally had chance to listen to music for pleasure, in my spare time, and not just to find inspiration for my writing. Here are my top picks of March.

1. Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still

An uplifting, upbeat song which I can singalong to in the shower, whilst driving, or whilst hoovering (so no one else can hear my raspy throat.) It’s one of those songs I think I’ll be sick of in a couple of weeks, but, for now, it’s up there.

2. George Ezra – Paradise

This boy has cracked it. He is a total babe, and his music is ace. I absolutely love the tone to his voice and how boppy and playful his songs are, this one in particular. The different instrumental layers, and his voice, set it off. Absolute tune. I can’t wait to hear more.

3. Ann Marie and Marshmallow – FRIENDS

One of those songs that will no doubt be on the radio for weeks. And, similarly to Feel It Still, probably one I’ll be wishing wasn’t played as much in a few weeks time. A good song though for any mood, and one I can have on in the background whilst I’m doing something else.

4. Justin Timberlake feat. Chris Stapleton – Say Something

I’m not usually a fan of Justin Timberlake (I imagine my sister – a complete nineties baby won’t agree with my life choice) but this song has changed my mind. It’s current, an easy listen, and I actually like it. Fair play, Justin.

5. School Of Rock Soundtrack

We had a Kilimanjaro reunion at the end of this month (we try and fit them in the diary every six months to make sure we see each other and catch up) and on the final night we watched School of Rock (like all normal twenty-something adults do on weekends away) and we were all singing our hearts out at the last song. The film is a classic, so if you haven’t watched it yet, I’m setting it as homework.


And that’s a wrap on March. Let me know what you think!

love sophie

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