soundtrack series: april

I’m home for Easter and stewing over yet more deadlines which are looming. They seem to be never ending, but I also got to go to Italy for a week on rugby tour, so not all is bad. With a 28 hour coach journey each way, there was lots of chance for music in my ears. Here are my top five.

1. Party In The USA – Miley Cyrus

It wouldn’t be rugby tour without our club song, would it? This one, although an oldie, is absolute gold. We all know the words, and can sing it on demand at the drop of a hat (much to other people on the ferries frustration.) It’s sung at most home/away games, in changing rooms, and on fun buses, and it wouldn’t have been tour without it.

2. Wannabe – The Spice Girls

Another classic that doesn’t stray far from my music library. I love this song because I know all the words and can perform the rap if I’m feeling happy. It’s a trip down memory lane and I love that when the song comes on, everyone knows it and sings along.

3. JoJo – Leave (Get Out)

We’re on a throwback theme here, and I am loving it. JoJo is a firm fave in my playlist at the moment and I love Leave and Too Little Too Late, which are both so sassy. Independent women singing about being independent women is rather empowering.

4. Dolly Parton – Jolene

My county bumkin babe is back, firmly where she belongs and on repeat. This song is amazing, and if it comes on in a club, or when I’m out, it makes my night. I love country music, and this upbeat version which is a great singalong is great for getting me in the mood for a boogie.

5. Rusted Root – Send Me On My Way

One of my favourite songs since I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro back in September 2015. One of my fellow trekkers included it on his montage video and I’ve sung it hundreds of times since. The recent reunion is obviously still on my brain as this song has been stuck on loop in my brain for the past week. At least it’s a good’un!


What have you been listening to this month?

love sophie

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