back on two wheels

I’ve taken the plunge and I’m back on two wheels (or will be when my hardtail has been fixed up to mountain-worthy standards) and I’m so excited about it!

With my shoulder pretty much fully recovered, and the final stages of physio approaching, I’m taking the plunge and getting back into more endurance based exercise to see how I get on now I’ve had the all clear. (You may read next months blog and find out I gave up after realising it was the worst mistake I’ve ever made – here’s hoping it isn’t!). Since I’ve stopped playing rugby, I’ve noticed a complete lack of fitness and strength and I find things I used to be super good at, really blooming difficult and it’s so frustrating!

I’m going to start off with cross country, getting my stamina and skills back before starting anything too daring. I’m excited about the new bike park in Leeds, and will definitely be heading that way once I’m back at it so keep your eyes peeled for my experiences there.

In general, I’m a fan of Otley Chevin Country Park, Eccup Reservoir and the links around it to Harewood, Meanwood Urban Trail, as well as places further afield like Ladybower, Hamsterley and Whinlatter. The plan is to get back on Strava and properly try and commit to a ride a week, if not more, but I’ll see how I go!

What’s your favourite hobby? Let me know if you ride and know anywhere worth checking out!

love sophie

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