i’ll have a brew, love

There should be an unwritten law that allows all writers free access to unlimited cups of tea. Because boy, do we need it!

On a typical day, amongst the many character questions, plot problems and structure solving we take on, there are bucket loads of tea which help water the words.

And it doesn’t even have to be Yorkshire; anything goes when it comes to writing. Earl Grey, Granny’s Garden, and Peppermint are firm favourites of mine.

Even now, sat writing this blog, I’m sipping on an Earl Grey from one of those fancy glass mugs. (That’s a non-essential)

I’ve not found anything that works just as well as tea does. I mean, a few twinkly lights are nice, as is a good view or my favourite people watching spot. But my words would be in the dark without the tea. Twinkly lights? Lovely with a brew. A good view? Made even better with a flask of tea. People watching? Well I’d just be a stalker if I didn’t have a mug to look down at in those awkward moments they realise I’ve been staring at them and writing for half an hour.

I always find that the comfort of a brew makes me feel at home and means I can write wherever tea is on tap. This makes life as a writer a whole lot easier. Obviously, there are some places that I feel happier writing. But there’s something about a good brew, which takes the edge off.

When I’m in Leeds, (home home) I’ll sit at my writing desk with a cup of tea and feel comfortable writing chapters (paragraphs) which I honestly wouldn’t have been able to do without the support of a hot beverage.

When I’m in Bath, (uni home) I’ll work wherever my bum is comfortable and my mug is full. I can be at uni, at home, at a friends, in a swamp, up a tree. Anywhere. But as long as I have a flask of tea, I’m good for a few paragraphs.

Is there anything you need to be able to write? Can you conjure up your world anywhere or do you have to have a specific place/thing to help you?

Let me know!

love sophie



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