i’m basically a fish

I’ve made the most of my final months with a student discount and got myself a gym membership so I can procrastinate whilst getting fit. It’s just at my local sports centre, but I’m hoping it motivates me to start getting back into proper exercise. I am also starting back at rugby training in September, something I’m sceptical about, but also really looking forward to.

I’m thinking I’ll mainly use the membership to go swimming, or for classes. In the hot weather we’ve been having, I spent a lot of my few days in Bath going to Warleigh and wild swimming and I loved it! I’ve never been a big gym buff, and prefer doing s&c sessions instead of waiting most of the time for equipment to become free.

I’m thinking/hoping I’ll be able to get out on the bike at least once a week (which I was doing until some lovely kids told me I looked crap and to go home – aren’t they just lovely) as well as swimming most days. If I’m feeling really up for it, I might even do a aqua gym class, or zumba. (I know right, who is this girl?)

Truth is the reality of Belgium’s (wonderful) three course meals, three times a day, for three weeks, has had an impact on my waistline, not for the better.

That mixed with the fact I haven’t exercised in nearly a year and a half means I really need to get back to it. More than anything, it’s a great way of structuring my day, going for a swim mid morning and then coming home and writing for the rest of the day (or at least that’s the goal!)

I’ve been a member for a few weeks and have been swimming roughly 4-6 times a week (I know, I think I’ve developed gills) and I’m really seeing the benefits already.

I’m sleeping better, my day feels longer because I’m filling it with productiveness, and the excess puddings I’ve been living off are slowly starting to get lost. Win!

Although I enjoy my staple breaststroke, I’m hoping to try front crawl at some point to give my shoulder a test (truth be told I’m too scared a. it’ll dislocate, and b. of what I’ll look like) in the hope of strengthening it some more! Fingers crossed they don’t think I’m drowning…

love sophie

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